The Sixteen Sources Of Leadership

 The Sixteen Sources of Leadership is a simple, practical and results-driven method of planting leadership behaviors deep into any organization. Robert asks members of his audiences to practice them consciously for about thirty days and watch the difference in how people respond. If you would like your organization to use the instrument as a 360-degree guide for individuals or teams, just let us know. We’ll be glad to assist.

If you’d like to learn more detail about and the origins of The Sixteen Sources of Leadership please feel free to listen in as Robert talks with Nathan Ives in his Strategy Driven Leadership Conversation.

Show Up

I am present in a way that ensures others feel important

I allow my values to drive my actions

I follow through on my promises

I consider how my behavior influences others


Step Up

I question the status quo

I encourage curiosity

I see obstacles as opportunities

I convert ideas into action


Serve Up

I allow my leadership to serve those who join with me

I recognize efforts creatively and meaningfully

I am respectful, even under difficult situations

I encourage a ‘we,’ not an ‘us vs. them’ mentality


Speak Up

I invite others to create and share in the dream

I offer an uplifting vision

I articulate the benefits with those who join with me

I communicate with a clear, consistent voice


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