The Offsite: A Leadership Experience Workshop

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Practice Makes Perfect…

Finally, a way to make leadership learning stick and change the way your organization communicates to get simple, practical results.

The Offsite: A Leadership Experience Workshop, based on the work of best-selling business author, Robert H. Thompson, creates a conversation around and explores The Four Commitments: Show Up, Step Up, Serve Up and Speak Up.                                                                   

The program also introduces The Sixteen Sources of Leadership, a simple, practical and results-driven method of planting leadership behaviors deep into any organization.

Robert has been pushing back against the hundreds of myths surrounding leadership for over 20 years and easily the most egregious is that leadership is only meant for a precious few who are born to greatness. It begins with the notion that charisma equals leadership. Robert knows from his own experience and thousands of interactions with successful leaders at all levels that nothing could be further from the truth.

Relevant research from The Leadership Challenge by Robert’s colleagues Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner, shows there is no leadership gene. “Leadership is an observable, learnable set of practices,” they share.

Leadership success equals practice, practice and more practice. That key point is one of many in The Offsite: A Leadership Experience Workshop.  Leadership experts understand that it takes hours of practice, some say 10,000 hours, to become expert in a skill. But to improve our leadership ability, what should we practice? Most workshops are long on theory and very short on real-world behaviors that are easily embraced, memorable and actually effective in the workplace.

Until now.

The Offsite Workshop boils down reams of leadership theory into easily understandable, practical behaviors that earn results and lead to a lifetime of leadership success.

Throughout this fast-paced experience, participants join their classmates and Robert’s cast of fictional characters from his book, The Offsite: A Leadership Challenge Fable, on a journey to discover, practice and strengthen easily embraced and simple leadership skills. Using The Sixteen Sources of Leadership and Robert’s proven Fast Forward Questions, they will quickly move away from mediocrity and towards their Masterpiece.

In The Offsite: A Leadership Challenge Experience Workshop participants will:

  • Identify their 5 most frequent and least frequent Leadership Behaviors
  • Accurately recognize and reward The Sixteen Sources of Leadership behaviors and build an action plan to increase frequency
  • Model, in a way that’s recognized and rewarded by others, at least 5 of The Sixteen behaviors
  • Begin to Identify their passion and start creating their Masterpiece
  • Learn and practice the Fast Forward Questions that deepen a leadership culture

What current problem/situation will this workshop address?

  • Is it difficult to recognize leadership behaviors in your organization? In this workshop experience, participants will demonstrate and observe hundreds of leadership moments.
  • Have your teams studied endless leadership theories, but struggle to practice them? This experience will provide an interactive environment for deliberate practice.
  • Is it difficult in your organization to move from effective management to inspiring leadership? This experience will demonstrate strategies for making the transition.
  • Do your teams lack leadership potential? In this workshop, participants will learn what it takes to grow leaders in and around the team.

What are the key learning points?

  • Leadership is everyone’s job
  • To be a leader one must grow leaders
  • Every leader must paint their Masterpiece

What improvements should you see after someone experiences the workshop?

  • Increased demonstration of The Sixteen Sources of Leadership behaviors
  • Increased ability to share The Sixteen Sources of Leadership
  • Improvement in their leadership practices scores and behavior over time

How can you reinforce the concepts of the course?

  • You and/or your executives should model and practice The Sixteen Sources of Leadership behaviors throughout the organization
  • You and/or your executives should share an uplifting vision and ask to hear their vision for the work they do.
  • You and your executives should embrace Robert’s Fast Forward Questions

Duration: 8 hours (with an ability to expand to 16)

Who should attend: The program is designed for those who wish to strengthen their leadership ability and is suitable for any manager, executive or someone who aspires to a more formal leadership role.

The Offsite: A Leadership Experience Workshop is now available for organizations worldwide at an industry disruptive flat rate license based on size of your organization. No individual participant charges apply. Simply call 760.672.6595 or write Robert at to learn how you or a member of your learning and development team can become certified to deliver this workshop for your organization.

The Offsite: A Leadership Experience Workshop will challenge and change your organization for the better, creating simple, practical results. Start the disruption. Contact us today.






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