The Leadership Challenge Workshop

Robert has been working with The Leadership Challenge body of work for roughly 20 years. His first introduction to the material came as he picked up a used first-edition copy of Kouzes/Posner’s The Leadership Challenge at a yard sale. At the time, he had no idea how important that dollar investment would be.

It wasn’t long after devouring that first edition that a client requested some individual coaching with members of his team. The Leadership Challenge and The Leadership Practices Inventory became Robert’s go-to choice for diagnostics and solutions. Robert quickly understood that the research behind it was strong and durable. (TLC is now celebrating its 25th anniversary with its fifth edition.)

Serendipity knocked again a few years later when Robert was invited to join the Tom Peters Company in Palo Alto, Ca (formerly known as Tom Peters Group/LS and now headquartered in London as Tom Peters Company/UK).

Joining that creative crowd was a gift. Jim, Barry, Tom and the colleagues he worked with around the country, and eventually the globe, allowed Robert to broaden and deepen his leadership understanding and how his voice fit in the mix.

“We did as many as two TLC Workshops a week, month after month. Three-day sessions were not out of the norm, Robert says. We always were with a partner in each session. Many times we would do a two-day session on a Monday and Tuesday, then fly out and do a three-day session to end the week. It was exhausting for everyone, but the feedback was extraordinarily satisfying.” (Those colorful experiences led to his writing The Offsite: A Leadership Challenge Fable.)

Robert, now a Founding TLC Master Facilitator, loves to jump back into the content when clients request the opportunity. “If done correctly, it’s a deep dive,” he says. Participants need to be ready for the journey. A TLC Workshop should never be considered an event. That can turn it into just another training.”

If you would like to experience a TLC journey with Robert, just give us a call. And if you have a large group you’d like to go through the program in similar fashion, let Robert call on his longtime colleagues. They’re still up for the challenge…The Leadership Challenge.

Check out TLC’s The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership here. And, learn more about The Leadership Practices Inventory here. And, you can always head to the source here.




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