The Four Commitments


Finally, a way to make leadership learning stick and change the way your organization communicates to get simple, practical results.

image001In Robert’s book, The Offsite: A Leadership Challenge Fable, the key characters learn leadership is not about title, position or being the decider – that’s positional authority.  It’s not about costume changes, knowing it all, creating a fearful atmosphere, or demanding obedience from others.  It is about choosing to close the gap between your beliefs and behaviors with openness, honesty and authenticity. Moreover, leadership is about collaboration, asking questions that promote learning and creating an atmosphere of innovation that inspires others to want to join with you in accomplishing noble endeavors.

Through the process of becoming more self-aware, The Offsite characters also learn that real leadership is for everyone. It’s a way of life.

However, leadership success equals practice, practice and more practice. Experts share that it takes hours of practice, some say 10,000 hours, to become expert in a skill. But to improve our leadership ability, what should we practice?

Robert’s Four Commitments along with The Sixteen Sources of Leadership boils down reams of leadership theory into easily understandable, practical behaviors that earn results and lead to a lifetime of leadership success.

Show Up…

Leadership is a moment-to-moment choice, so be present in a way that makes others feel important. Listening deeply to your colleagues without distraction is key. Get up close and personal with your values. They are your best guide. And never forget to ask regularly how your behavior is influencing those around you. It’s the hallmark of a great leader.

Step Up…

Make it a habit to encourage curiosity and question the ‘way we do things around here.’ Be the sparkplug for creative disruption in the workplace. Urge others to blow up their mental boundaries and see obstacles as opportunities for innovation. Once those great ideas surface, roll up your sleeves, break some sweat and help others convert them to action.

Serve Up…

Great leaders understand they need to serve those who join with them. However, it’s about providing the resources to get the job done, not servitude. Recognizing as well as celebrating efforts creatively and meaningfully for individuals as well as the team is critical. And being of service demands respect for everyone, even when the situation is difficult.

Speak Up…

Using a clear, consistent voice, invite others to join in your cause. Draw them in by creating an uplifting vision of what can be. Make it colorful, exciting and encourage them to add their voice. And always keep in mind, just because they are in the next cubicle doesn’t mean they feel welcomed. Be sure to articulate the benefits for everyone, not just the organization.

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