How To Talk Like Ted

talk like tedBest-selling international author, Carmine Gallo returns with Robert Thompson and Mike Neiss to share insights from his new book, Talk Like Ted. What are his 3 unbreakable laws of communication? What are the 9 public speaking “secrets” Gallo found after reviewing 150 hours of TED talks? Passion is the foundation for speaking and leadership success, says Gallo. Enjoy the conversation, but be sure to pick up a copy of Talk Like Ted for the details. Practical, simple and effective ideas on how you can make a positive difference for yourself, your organization and the world. Oh, and we have fun too! Listen live on Mondays at 10 a.m Pacific, catch it here, or subscribe on iTunes and listen when convenient.

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Ethics, Metaphors and Profits…How Our Judgments Are Shaped

Ron Crossland, author of The Leader’s Voice and the upcoming Voice Lessons returns with Robert Thompson and Mike Neiss to share his end of year communication thoughts and some new research he’s been working on. Is ethical behavior innate or learned? How do we use metaphors to shape our judgments? And to what degree do profits change our opinions about ethical leadership behavior? These are just a few of the questions we tackle in this rare “overtime” show. Listen and learn. Subscribe to Thought Grenades on iTunes.

Robert Thompson’s Thought Grenades, December 12, 2011



Creating Your CSR Strategy: Part Two

Ashley Barwig of Burson-Marsteller joins Robert Thompson and Daren Blonski again to share more insights on creating your corporate responsibility/sustainability strategy. This week, the conversation focuses on embedding CR into your company’s culture and what role communications plays in doing so. Ashley supports the CSR efforts of a variety of Fortune 500 companies and is an expert in the field. Ashley also touches on how to motivate your employees and offers the what and why of recognition. Listen and learn. Subscribe to The Green Leader on iTunes.

Robert Thompson’s The Green Leader, June 20, 2011