How To Be Simply Effective

simplyeffectiveRon Ashkenas, author of Simply Effective joins Robert Thompson and Mike Neiss this week to share how to cut through complexity in your organization and get things done. Is it really possible to eliminate complexity or even reduce it in organizations today? If so, what are some strategies for kicking complexity to the curb? Are all managers capable of this task? Should removing complexity be a part of the manager’s job? Learn the answers to these and many other questions in today’s Thought Grenades show. Listen live on Mondays at 10 a.m., catch it here or subscribe on iTunes and listen when convenient.



How Great Leaders Bring Out The Best In Themselves And Others

Justin Menkes, best-selling author of Better Under Pressure, joins Robert Thompson and co-host Angie Chaplin to share insights from his new book. Gleaned from more than 60 in-depth interviews with well-known CEOs from an array of industries, Justin shares the three traits that make these and all leaders successful. Listen and learn. Subscribe to The Leader as Coach radio show on iTunes.

Robert Thompson’s Leader as Coach, July 18, 2011



How To Create Your Dream Job

From personal branding to resumes and networking, Ginny Clarke, author of Career Mapping is the go-to expert source. This week on the new Leader as Coach show, Ginny joins Robert Thompson, Daren Blonski and Angie Chaplin to share her expertise. Listen and learn how to perfect your elevator pitch and the best way to approach the dreaded job interview. We are live on Mondays at 9 a.m. Pacific or you can subscribe on iTunes and tune in when it’s convenient for you.

Robert Thompson’s Leader as Coach, June 13, 2011

Leaders Need Coaching Too!

Executive coach, Julie Overholt joins Robert Thompson and co-host Angie Chaplin on the new Leader As Coach radio show to share her Top Ten Reasons Organizations Hire an Executive Coach. “And, no, it’s not because they’re broken, says Julie. It’s because they want to exceed their own expectations.”  Listen, learn and share with your friends and colleagues.

Robert Thompson’s Leader As Coach May 16, 2011