“Robert connected with our audience in a very personal way! His delivery and personality made everyone feel as though he was a longtime friend, and not simply a presenter. His message received unanimous praise and left everyone feeling inspired and motivated to take his simple, yet powerful message to make changes in the way they manage their organizations.”

CA Sanitation Risk Management Authority


“Robert is an accomplished presenter who challenges his audiences to stretch beyond their current ideas about leadership and how they represent themselves to others…both in their professional and personal lives. He is both thoughtful and thought provoking. He uses storytelling as a means to engage others to participate in meaningful discussions.”

Ruth Szakaly, Director, Organizational Development, Palomar Pomerado Health


“How do I describe my relationship with Robert over the past 10 years? Absolutely motivational. Beginning as a jr. manager in the CSUS Leadership for the New Millennium Program, I was inspired by Robert’s vision of authentic leadership and motivated to learn more by his constant throwing of “thought grenades.” Since then, Robert has remained a constant in my life through several management roles. From mentorship on difficult topics for the team, to in-house training on leadership and communication, or simply in “checking me” when my actions were not representing the kind of leader I strive to be….Robert is a voice of reason promoting integrity, empathy, accountability and vision.”

Stacy Thomas, VP, financial services organization


“Robert exemplifies leadership through the ways he models, inspires, challenges, enables, and encourages. A gifted author and speaker, Robert’s “thought grenades” touch the minds, hearts, and spirits of audiences across the country. Through his generosity and caring, I come away from each conversation with Robert feeling lifted to a higher level of learning and leading. I am fortunate to have him in my network.”

Angie Chaplin, Director, Center for Learning & Leading, Lutheran Services in Iowa


“I’ve worked with Robert in several different venues: a couple of leadership training and coaching programs for state government and a strategic planning retreat for a corporate client. Robert engages, enrolls, teases, and challenges those with whom he is working in order to stimulate meaningful conversations and deepen learning opportunities. He is also a great story-teller, believing in the power of stories to connect with his listeners and convey understanding. And, Robert loves to have fun, knowing that laughter stimulates endorphins which in turn facilitates learning. Be prepared: Robert’s title of “provocateur” is an accurate description of how he works!”

Roberta Pickett, Leadership Development Professional


“Robert has been a valuable asset to me and Caltrans by providing leadership principles through his coaching and training. Robert’s style gets people thinking about what they can do to make significant changes and contributions to their company’s and personal success.”

Larry Orcutt, California Department of Transportation


“Robert helps create change and does so in a masterful manner because he knows how to get a reaction from people…whether they like it or not. I have enjoyed working with him on projects because I can always count on him to be direct, candid, solution oriented, and professionally charming.”

Jenni Helfrich, California State University, Sacramento


“The world is full of trainers and teacher “wanna be’s.” Robert has set the standard for being “a true teacher.” He is a valued mentor, friend and has taught me the art of the “leadership conversation” in the classroom. He brings authenticity, integrity, passion and an ability to find that inner voice. He catalyzes and challenges people to become a leader in all aspects of life: personal, professional, family and even spiritual levels by helping them paint the portrait of their life’s legacy. Robert has impacted many lives for the better and there is no better leadership coach, facilitator, author who compares to the gifts he brings to the client and organizations after 30 years of proven executive leadership himself. I worked shoulder to shoulder with him for over 10 years with the leadership offerings at Sac State University and he simply changes lives for the better. His new book “the Offsite” is a must read in capturing the essence of the leadership conversation. Robert is provocative, impactful and genuine! I am a better person for knowing him and working with him,”

Larry Bienati, Professor, Lecturer (part-time), Graduate School of Business/CCE, California State University, Sacramento


“Robert encourages everyone to lead themselves and others in an open, honest and authentic manner. You’ll find his genuine, real-world approach to leadership issues refreshing. His passion will stimulate you, and you’ll appreciate his ability to truly listen to your thoughts and concerns.”

Tina Campbell, Chief, California Employment Development Department


“Robert  is a proverbial ‘stir stick’ who got us to explore depths we never dreamt we could reach.”

Cathy Bowman, Director, Marketing Services, Amgen


“Robert is not your ordinary motivational speaker. He is more of a corporate counselor. He creates meaningful conversations and makes them come alive.”

 Kathy Manzer-Matsuo, Chief, California Department of Corrections


“Robert says out loud what needs to be said and what others are usually thinking. Robert is not mediocre…he is not the bland leading the bland. He will challenge your very being.”

Pete Smith, Managing Director, UK & Ireland Biogen Idec


“Robert challenged our group to move beyond conventional wisdom and political niceties to make sure the discussion is real. He also ensured there was meaningful follow up to the offsite holding everyone accountable to step up their game and make a real difference in the job they do.”

Dan Swisher, CEO Sunesis Pharmaceuticals


Robert Thompson is a terrific leadership coach and presenter. I have worked with him for close to 10 years and can say that he has fabulous intuition on people and what makes them tick. Most importantly, he understands that an excellent organization is defined by its people and how they are assembled to create synergy. He has been a huge help on these fronts as well as helping us define goals and objectives and a communication process to advance them. I would strongly recommend Robert Thompson to any organization.

Jay Shepard, CEO NextWave Pharmaceuticals


“I worked with Robert as he led the board of Silicon Valley professional association. As president of the board of a 500-member organization, he effectively marshaled volunteer resources to get results. I’ve also reached out to him as a consultant, recommending him to executives seeking coaching in order to take their performance to the next level.”

Debra Ward, Sr. Learning & Development Program Mgr., SVB Financial Group


Robert has been a key motivational factor in my ongoing quest for international stardom–I say ongoing because these things do not happen overnight, and having big dreams requires discipline, and someone to help you maintain this disicpline each step of the way… Robert has been an incredible asset in doing just that.

Having worked with several mentors and coaches, Robert has a unique way of getting to the core of what is truly blocking you. This is not always an easy thing to achieve, and requires a high level of trust. Through working with Robert I’ve been able to remove blocks that have held back several aspects of my career and personal life for years. I’ve learned the importance of writing down and each and every goal I wish to achieve, and have continually been amazed at how this process has transformed my life.

One particular example is a date I set to have a new album completed with my band – as requested, I wrote it down on Robert’s strategy sheet, then forgot about it for nearly two years. This was a major undertaking, that took raising over $10,000 to finance, multiple trips between coasts to record, photo sessions, graphic arts, and then several months preparing for the release party. When all was said and done, I released my project the EXACT DATE I had originally written on Robert’s strategy sheet. Granted, it was a year later, but nonetheless, I had followed through on everything I set out to achieve, and likely would not have if I hadn’t been coached by one of the best.

Can’t wait to see what goals come to fruition from here on out!

Jeff Michaels, The Jeff Michaels Band





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