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If you’re familiar with Robert’s work,  you’re more than aware that his mantra is Simple, Practical, Results. Obviously, that also describes Robert’s approach to his Executive Coaching practice.

Of course, one must toss in Provocative as well.mom, jess, dad - Version 2

Robert came to coaching organically by being mentored as he began hiswork career at a major daily newspaper. To this day, Robert shares the story of Vern Manning, his first mentor/coach. Vern introduced him to the world of working in an office with desks, phones and even glue pots. He also introduced him to Steak Tartar at his first business lunch. (But that’s a different story).

Like his other work, Robert’s approach to executive coaching is unique. Unlike some in the field, he doesn’t follow a prescribed point-by-point process. Connecting with each person at a deep level, he engages them in the precise conversation they need to obtain the results they are looking to achieve for themselves as well as their team members.

Since his work experience has run the gamut (see bio), Robert easily connects and relates to everyone…be they CEO, entry-level or an overworked middle manager (see kudos). And, he doesn’t hesitate to bring in appropriate readings, instruments and other focused opportunities to get the job done.

Recently, Robert was able to assist an executive to transform his communication style in the workplace as well as find the inner passion to create an entirely new career path he was hesitant to stretch toward.

“I enjoy helping people create their Masterpiece. We’re not trying to ‘fix’ someone, Robert says. The goal is to help them break free of learned behaviors that are not working and replace those with behaviors that allow them to excel.”

A student of preeminent, executive coaching guru Marshall Goldsmith’s work, Robert brings his years of experience in start-ups (where he also was coached by a few notable Silicon Valley entrepreneurs), large corporations as well as his work and research with authors and colleagues Jim Kouzes, Barry Posner, Peter Block, Tom Peters, Terry Pearce and many other thought leaders in the leadership/coaching world.

In one word, what can you expect from a coaching interaction with Robert?


Based on Robert’s past interactions, the coaching candidate will learn how to move from transactional exchanges to transformational leadership by:

  • Establishing effective trust-based relationships.
  • Encouraging curiosity to allow innovation to flourish.
  • Developing and fine-tuning an uplifting vision story.
  • Providing more meaningful performance feedback to others.
  • Engaging others to set clear and compelling goals.
  • Creating leadership teams that take ownership of results.
  • Ensuring colleagues have the freedom to learn and create together.
  • Using rewards and recognition in more creative and meaningful ways.
  • Improving morale, performance and commitment to the organization.
  • Enhancing camaraderie, collaboration, and communication.
  • Creating a more respectful and respected environment.
  • Helping people understand they are in service to each other.

Whether after a keynote, workshop or simply coaching ala carte, let Robert Thompson ensure you, your executives and team members are weaving trust, innovation, ownership and action into the fabric of your organization.

Please give us a call at 760.672.6595 or send a note to Robert@leaderinsideout.com to learn more.





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